How to have a Relaxing Evening

We all have those days where we just need to have a super chill evening and forget about the world. This is what I do when I need one of those nights.

Step one:

Glass of wine. Red or white, it doesn’t matter. As long as it tastes good, it works wonders.

Step two:

Get comfortable. I know I am lucky that I get to work from home but not everyone has that luck. So at the end of a long day, there is nothing better than getting into some comfy clothes

Step three:

Grab a blanket and a good book and take a seat on the couch. If you have a pet, cuddle with said pet. Trust me, it works wonders on making you feel better.

Step four:

Run a nice hot bath with your favorite bath stuff. Personally, I love bath bombs. I was lucky enough to receive a few for Christmas. They are a little smaller than the Lush ones that I normally get, but I combine them and use two. For nights when I want to get to sleep quickly, I add some lavender bath oil and bath salts. I also have this really great lavender soap that is lovely. I love to light lots of candles in the bathroom so that I can truly relax without having the bright lights or the noisy fan going. I like to read a book or catch up on some YouTube videos (Zoella’s vlogmas is always a great option, whether it is Christmas or not).


Step five:

Get in some comfy pjs and put on the movie that calms you down and relaxes you. For me, it is ALWAYS Pride and Prejudice. I tend to watch the BBC version. Yes it is 5 hours….no there is nothing wrong with that. I love this movie. It is absolutely fantastic

So that is how I like to relax. What are your favorite ways to relax? Let me know in the comments!

November Favorites

  • Binge Watching TV
    • Stranger Things
      • I absolutely LOVE this show. It is so well done and the plot is so intriguing that watching an entire season in a day is incredibly easy to do. The kids in this show are the best. I just can’t love this anymore than I do.
    • Doctor Who
      • Like I mentioned in the TV post, Jake and I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. Which I love, and I am so happy that Jake enjoys too.
    • Friends
      • I have been watching this while I work. I love Friends and I really think that this is the first time that I have actually watched it from start to finish. It is so nice to have on in the background while I work.
  • YouTube
    • Zoella
    • Alfie Deyes
    • Sean O’Conner
    • Mark Ferris 
    • Safyia
    • Margaret Daubert
    • Tanya Burr
  • Books
    • Persuasion
      • So I have been meaning to read this for a loooong time now. I finally started reading it at the beginning of the month and, naturally, I blew threw it. I really enjoyed it. It is not quite on the level of Pride and Prejudice for me, but I really enjoyed the storyline and the character development.
    • Harry Potter Cookbook
      • My mom gave this to me as an early Christmas present and because I am a complete nerd, I love it. I have only made one thing out of it so far, but I really love the recipes in the book and how they link them back to the book.
    • Harry Potter
      • Yes, I am reading it again from the beginning. I have been watching so much Harry Potter lately that it is making me want to re read the entire series from start to finish. So that is what I am doing.
    • Murder on the Orient Express
      • So I wanted to read this before the movie came out. I started it and I am a few chapters in. So far I am really enjoying it.
  • Holidays!
    • Family Thanksgiving
      • Jake’s
        • For Thanksgiving, we went to Jake’s aunt’s house for dinner. It was so nice to get to spend more time with his family.
      • Mine
        • We celebrated early with my mom’s side of the family. Just saying, prime rib for Thanksgiving might be a new tradition
    • Decorating
      • Mom and I decorated her house for Christmas. Blog post to come!!!