Sunday Thoughts

Good Morning!!!! I come to you all from the comforting dining room at Edson Hill Inn and Restaurant. Jake brought me to work with him today so that we could spend some time together and simply to get me out of the apartment. And I simply love this place.  It is so calming and peaceful, I couldn’t ask for a better place to write.


We have been very busy lately. We made the long trip from Columbus to Calais on April 1st. We spent the first week getting everything unloaded from the truck and unpacking. We still have a few boxes left but for the most part, we are unpacked and partly organized. I’ll be sure to post an apartment tour later this month!


With the move came new jobs for both of us. Jake is the Executive AM Chef at Edson Hill Restaurant. He absolutely loves it. And what is not to love about this place? The views are perfection, even covered in snow! In all honesty, I think this is one of my favorite places. He has been adjusting to his new schedule pretty well and has been baking up a storm. So much so that I will show you all of his pastries from this week in another post!


I started at National Life on April 9th and let me tell you, I have never been more impressed by a company’s culture as I am there. When they say they operate like a family, it is 100% true. I love my team and I am really looking forward to all of the opportunities!


The only down side to the move has been missing family. My mom helped us move but she went home on April 4th. I have been missing her terribly. But we are able to FaceTime a lot which is great. Same thing goes for all of my other immediate family, and extended family for that matter. It is definitely an adjustment being so far away, but we will make it work. Well, we have no choice but to make it work, because Jake and I will be here for the foreseeable future!


Well, that is all for now. Signing off from a snowy Vermont. Have a lovely day!!



Life Update Part 2

So, I told you about February. Now here is the March life update. March has been one hell of a month, that is for sure. It started out with a lot of job interviews for me. And I mean a lot. I had a total of 9 conversations with one company. Thankfully it resulted in a job offer for me! I begin my new career with National Life Group on Monday April 9, 2018! I am super stoked. But I should probably tell you why I am starting a new job. The story begins all the way back in October on Jake and I’s vacation to Vermont. We had been talking about moving for ages but neither of us really thought that it would be to Vermont. Neither of us were really fulfilled by our current living situation or employment so when I absolutely fell in love with Vermont, it seemed like the natural next step for us. Jake went to culinary school in Montpelier, VT and has wanted to get back into the Vermont food culture for a while now. Since I loved the state, why wait? So, while we were out there, Jake received a few job offers from some of his old co-workers and we were even offered a place to live. Everything simply fell into place. We were pretty much decided by the end of the week.

The biggest problem, we had to wait until our current lease was up. So that put our moving time in April. Though that seems like an incredibly long wait, let me tell you, the time flew by. I cannot believe that we are 17 days away! That is absolutely insane!!!

The past month has been spent with us packing like crazy and preparing for our new lives in Vermont. For me, that has involved a lot of shopping for new clothes. I have worked from home for so long that my business wardrobe has majorly suffered. Time to rebuild. Posts to come later!

We have also been getting rid of most of our big furniture. We are moving to a tiny apartment on 14 acres. Not much space outside, but it is so worth it for the ability to be within steps of nature. And Atticus will absolutely love it.

This is a photo of our front door as of today…..


Besides all of that going on, it seems that March is the month of birthdays. Lysh’s birthday was last week and we went out to get some amazingly awesome sushi. My dad’s was this past weekend and we had a party at their house to celebrate. My cousins was also last week but we are celebrating on Saturday. I cannot believe the sweet angel is four already…damn I feel old!

Now if only Spring would come, life would be absolutely perfect right now. The weather here in Ohio has been incredibly temperamental, as usual. And it looks like there will still be snow on the ground we we move into our apartment…It will definitely be interesting and I will be sure to bring you along with me!


That’s all for now. Have a good night loves!!

Stationary Haul

I love office supplies. No idea why, but I always have. My favorite part of going back to school growing up was getting to go supply shopping with my mom. I have always been super picky about the types of things that I like to use to be organized. As I have gotten older, I have enjoyed getting new stationary type items as well as organizational things. This is especially the case since I have graduated college and have friends that live in different states. I love getting cute little cards and note paper to send out to them. The only bad thing about loving office supplies, they are never cheap.


Luckily, Nationwide offered us a lovely bonus this year, so I was able to order some new stationary! I follow a lot of UK bloggers and vloggers and I hear amazing things about paperchase. I placed a very large order a couple weeks ago and it is FINALLY here!


I ordered a bunch of birthday cards because there are a few birthdays coming us and you can never have too many birthday cards.


I order a few packs of general note cards that I like to use to send little notes to friends and family out of state.


I got a few different notebooks. I am looking to start a bullet style journal and I though these would be nice.


I also grabbed one large notebook and a set of pens. Let’s be honest, you can never have too many!!