Christmas 2017

This year was pretty great for Jake and I. We had a great time hanging out with both of our families and had some great food. We also got some pretty fantastic gifts.


The biggest and most generous gift we received was from my parents. They bought us a lovely kitchen aid stand mixer. I have wanted one of these for years and since moving in with Jake, that want has just grown.  Especially because my guilty pleasure is watching the British Bake Off. Here is the beauty!


Jake got a really cool marble salt crock from my parents. It is absolutely gorgeous and Jake loved it.


Jake also had the bright idea to ask for chocolate milk for Christmas. So my brother being the lovely person that he is bought him a TON of different chocolate milk.


The best gift of the day though was from my dad to my mom. He got her a beautiful diamond ring. They have been together for 30 years this year and the engagement ring that he got her had to get cut off of her hand when she broke her hand a long time ago. It was so great to see her reaction over this ring.


Overall, Christmas was pretty fantastic! Hope yours was lovely too!!!!!

New Year’s Traditions

This is one holiday that is always super chill in my family. Even when I was growing up. When we spent the holidays in Michigan, we would all just hang around the house all day or go out and play in the snow. We would always have one of those 1,000 piece puzzles going and the goal was to get it completed before midnight. Sometimes it happened, most of the time it didn’t. If it wasn’t a puzzle, we were playing card or board games or watching movies on the sofa. Things haven’t changed much since then. Most years, my mom and I don’t even make it to midnight.

On New Year’s Day, we always have pork and sauerkraut. I hate sauerkraut. HATE it. When I was growing up, I would make my mom take my pork out of the crocpot before she added the sauerkraut because I didn’t even want it to be tainted by the kraut. Now, she makes me eat it with the kraut and everything. Yuck! I guess that is part of growing up.

A new tradition was started with Jake and I last year. We started going over to one of his high school friend’s apartments for brunch. It has been a lot of fun to get to know his friends and to start new traditions of our own.

New Year’s is always super chill in my family so that is all there is to it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2018. Jake and I have lots of big plans and changes coming and I cannot wait to finally share them with everyone!

Happy 2018!!!

Christmas Decorations

I absolutely love the holiday season. I always have and I always will. My favorite part has always been decorating our house and baking cookies!


This year I put my tree up wellll before Thanksgiving, but I just didn’t care about waiting any longer. Jake and I borrowed one of my mom’s trees to use in our house so that we didn’t have to go out and buy one and I put it up once we got home. We didn’t actually decorate it until a few days ago though…


I wish we had more decorations to put throughout the house, but we are on a tight budget for the next few months, so no money to buy loads of Christmas lights. Sad face.


So since I couldn’t go over the top at my own house, I decorated mom’s. And believe me, we went over the top. And the sad part is, we didn’t even use all of her decorations. And we didn’t even get some of them out of the garage…

So we started by putting the tree up and fluffing it out. We waiting a bit to put the ornaments, but the tree was up and ready to go.


From the tree, we started decorating the mantle and the curio cabinet next to the fireplace. We used a bunch of mom’s little things and cookie jars to decorate the mantle. And in the cabinet, we put some of the more fragile elements. Next, I took a strand of lights and wound it around the things on the mantle to give it some color.

Next we started on the stockings. And yes, I say started. My lovely mother has 39 stockings. THIRTY – NINE. THIRTY – NINE! Why she has that many, I will never know. But we started working with the Disney ones first. The classic Mickey and Minnie stockings went up on one wall and we put the other character stockings along the banister by the stairs. The villains stockings went up by the door where no one can see them. Rude. They are my favorite. We then found our old stockings from when I was growing up. The ones that are so old and have been used for so many years that they are actually falling apart slightly. We hung those on the tv stand. Then we hung our two stockings for my first family dog by the fireplace with the Pluto holders and the other dogs went on the closet door.

After this, we took some Mickey lights and hung over the window by the television. And another strand along the bottom of the tree. We then moved on to decorating the tree. The tree is decorated with entirely Disney ornaments. The only other thing on the tree are some red bulbs to fill in the tree a bit. The Disney tree is absolutely lovely. I think it looks better this year than it ever has, but that is my own opinion!

After the tree, we hung lights around the big window in the kitchen and put up mom’s Thomas Kinkade Disney Christmas tree up on the counter. After this, I looked down the hallways and it just needed something since we had done every inch of the main living area. So, I got out the ladder and hung lights along the ceiling. They looked so much better than I expected. We also decorated every door in the hallway and the bathroom.

I’m telling you, by the time we were finished, it looked like Christmas threw up in my mom’s. But it looked AMAZING!!!

November Favorites

  • Binge Watching TV
    • Stranger Things
      • I absolutely LOVE this show. It is so well done and the plot is so intriguing that watching an entire season in a day is incredibly easy to do. The kids in this show are the best. I just can’t love this anymore than I do.
    • Doctor Who
      • Like I mentioned in the TV post, Jake and I have been watching a lot of Doctor Who lately. Which I love, and I am so happy that Jake enjoys too.
    • Friends
      • I have been watching this while I work. I love Friends and I really think that this is the first time that I have actually watched it from start to finish. It is so nice to have on in the background while I work.
  • YouTube
    • Zoella
    • Alfie Deyes
    • Sean O’Conner
    • Mark Ferris 
    • Safyia
    • Margaret Daubert
    • Tanya Burr
  • Books
    • Persuasion
      • So I have been meaning to read this for a loooong time now. I finally started reading it at the beginning of the month and, naturally, I blew threw it. I really enjoyed it. It is not quite on the level of Pride and Prejudice for me, but I really enjoyed the storyline and the character development.
    • Harry Potter Cookbook
      • My mom gave this to me as an early Christmas present and because I am a complete nerd, I love it. I have only made one thing out of it so far, but I really love the recipes in the book and how they link them back to the book.
    • Harry Potter
      • Yes, I am reading it again from the beginning. I have been watching so much Harry Potter lately that it is making me want to re read the entire series from start to finish. So that is what I am doing.
    • Murder on the Orient Express
      • So I wanted to read this before the movie came out. I started it and I am a few chapters in. So far I am really enjoying it.
  • Holidays!
    • Family Thanksgiving
      • Jake’s
        • For Thanksgiving, we went to Jake’s aunt’s house for dinner. It was so nice to get to spend more time with his family.
      • Mine
        • We celebrated early with my mom’s side of the family. Just saying, prime rib for Thanksgiving might be a new tradition
    • Decorating
      • Mom and I decorated her house for Christmas. Blog post to come!!!

Sugar Cookie Sweat Shop

This past Saturday, we got to really utilize my mom’s new kitchen for the first time. When my parents were designing the remodel of their new house, having plenty of room to make cookies was a must. Baking cookies is a holiday tradition in my family that I absolutely love. We started a bit early this year, but these sugar cookies are incredibly time consuming, but they are SO good.


So, my aunt Shelly came in from Newark and my sister-in-law came over and we all worked together to make 3 double batches of sugar cookies. Now we did not bake all of them yet, but we did roll them all out and cut them so that we could freeze them and bake them closer to Christmas. It took all day but it was a blast.