January Favorites

There is really no order to this list this month. These are some of the things that I have been loving this month. I feel like this month has been really hectic, but nothing has actually happened. You know that feeling? Anyway, here it is!

  • Kitchen Aid
    • I absolutely LOVE my kitchen aid. So much. I think Jake is enjoying it too.
  • The Greatest Showman
    • Jake and I finally went to go see this the other day and omg it was so good. I fell in love with this movie and I cannot wait until it comes out on DVD. I have also been listening to the soundtrack on repeat. It is fantastic.
  • Harry Potter
    • I have had the chance to fall back in love with some Harry Potter novels. I am re-reading the series this month and it has reminded me just how much I love these books. Especially Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. I tend to forget about these two because the movies are not my favorite, so I forget that the books are lovely. I love that reading these books again gives me the same feelings that it did the first time.
  • LuLaRoe
    • My mother introduced me to lula a few months ago and I basically live in their clothing now. We are having a party this weekend so check in next week for a LuLa haul!
  • Sous Vide
    • I have started using Jake’s sous vide a lot when I have been meal prepping and I LOVE how easy it is to cook all of my protein at the same time with none of the mess.
  • Minnie
    • My momma got a new puppy this month and she is the sweetest little dog ever! I am loving spending time with her and letting her get to know all of us. She is a rescue and had a terrible life before coming to us, so it is great to be able to make her life better.

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