Semi-Organization Skills…

Thursday October 26, 2017


So I work from home. As a result, my office gets to be incredibly cluttered. It’s hard to spend so much of your time in one room that is a hot mess most of the time. So, I took most of a Sunday to clean it out and organize. And of course, I took before and after photos!

So I started with my book shelf. It was a hot mess and I needed to attempt to fit all of my new books on there. Let me just say, I need a new book shelf. I also may have a book problem. Sadly, there are a lot of books on my shelf that I have yet to read, but I LOVE buying new books. I finally played tetris with my books long enough that I got them all to fit. But sadly, they are no longer in a strict order…My slightly OCD self will just have to get over it because at least they look good on the shelf!



Now my desk was another story. It’s hard to organize a desk when you have two monitors and two laptops. I think I managed pretty well though.

After the desk, I moved on to my movies. I also added Jake’s to my shelves because I was tired of them being on the floor by my bookshelf. I did keep his separate though because, just to make it easier. And of course they are all in alphabetical order, because how else would they be?

Now I need to tackle the closet…. I have my old roll top desk in there that I previously used to store my make-up in but I now I just keep it all in the bathroom. So now I am trying to find a way to re-purpose it. I’m thinking about using it to house my adult paperwork. Where it is, I can still get my chair to and work at it. Yeah, I think that’s the goal. But, I can’t show a picture of it because there are birthday and Christmas presents hiding in there…

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