Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza

Saturday October 21, 2017


Today was the day a new framily (friends and family (yes I just made that up…)) tradition was born. We decided to put mom and dad’s newly renovated living space to use and have a pumpkin carving contest and play family feud. Naturally the pumpkin carving kind of took over the day. Thankfully, it was absolutely lovely outside; especially for late October.


We each got our own pumpkins and dad bought a bunch of carving kits for us to ‘share.’ We don’t do sharing very well. But it all worked out really well, especially since a lot of us haven’t carved pumpkins in years!

After carving, Kyle showed up and since he was not there to watch us all carve, he was the perfect one to judge the pumpkins. Kellyn won first, Alysha won second, and Sarah (and Jason) won third. Mom gave them cute halloween tea towels as a prize.


After pumpkins, we all headed inside to play some family feud. Unfortunately, we only had the question cards not the whole game so it was a little difficult but it was a lot of fun. We split into two teams: Kellyn, Sarah, Kyle, and Dad on one side and Patrick, Leigh, Mom, and Myself on the other. Jason was out Steve Harvey. My side one 2 out of 3. Not too shabby.


We then moved on to playing Apples to Apples for a few hours. That was a blast. Kyle and Kellyn pretty much kicked everyone’s ass but we all had a blast.


All in all it was a fantastically festive and fun day! And now we have to carve pumpkins every year!!!


Oh and here is everyone’s pumpkin lit up at night 🙂

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