Vermont Day Six

Day Six: Friday October 6, 2017


Today was a day to spend in Burlington. We started out with Jake driving me through town so we could look at some of the scenery in the city. After driving, we were both starving and getting hangry, well I was hangry, so we stopped at Kountry Kart. I got the best breakfast sandwich i have ever had in my life. It was bacon, egg, sausage, cheese, and a hash brown on a toasted kaiser roll. Seriously so good. Whoever thought of putting a hash brown on a sandwich was a genius. Jake got a cajun chicken blt with chipotle mayo sandwich that he really enjoyed.


After eating, we went down to Citizen Cider and did a tasting flight of 5 of their ciders. They were all pretty damn great. I really think that it was some of the best hard cider that i have ever had. Also, we got some of the best poutine that I have ever had. I normally don’t like poutine but this was really freaking good. It was made with duck gravy and cheese curds. I think its the cheese curds that pushed it over the top…


After cider we went down to the pier and walked around for a bit. It was kinda gloomy and cold. It was probably one of the gloomiest mornings of the trip. After the pier, we went to Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center. We were hoping that it was going to be like the little aquarium we went to in North Carolina, but sadly it was not. We walked through it in about a half hour…

We went over to a cute little cafe to get some treats and warm drinks because it was kinda chilly. We bought so many yummy things. The bakery was great. And I got a hot apple cider. My favorite hot drink ever. I just love a good hot cider.


After our treats, we headed to Shelburne Vineyard for a tasting. We tried all of their wines and let me tell you, they were all so good. Jake had to stop me from buying a case. I wanted one of everything. I did leave with six bottles though…. No regrets. After the wine, we went across the highway to get Jake some beer from Fiddlehead.


We headed back to Montpelier to make another stop at the CoOp for more beer and wine. I promise we are not alcoholics. After we headed for a short drive and then went to sit in the park until dinner.


We went to dinner at NECI on Main with Anne and Eunice, Jake’s faculty from NECI. They bought us dinner which was really good. Not quite as good as some of the other places we went over the week, but still pretty great.

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