Vermont Day Two

Day Two: Monday October 2, 2107


We started out at probably 7:30 am after a great night sleep. We headed to Montpelier, Vermont for some breakfast at Skinny Pancake. It is a cute little crepe shop along Main St that had some really good crepes. We really enjoyed breakfast.


After Breakfast, we walked along Main St and into a lot of the shops and book stores. Then we walked to NECI, Jakes alma mater. You can tell he made an impression because the second someone saw him he was getting hugs. It was such a welcoming environment and I really enjoyed getting to know some of his favorite faculty. We were able to learn about how the school has changed since he graduated and they even invited him back to speak later in the week.


After NECI, we went up into Hubbard Park to walk around. We climbed up a really steep hill to see a really cool Civil War era tower. It was not a fun climb, but the view was great.

After, we went to another park for a walk on a much nicer trail. Jake said it was going to be a football field distance. He. Lied. It was probably a good mile, or more. But it was gorgeous.

After our exercise, we were starving. So we stopped at Three Penny Tap Room on Main St. One of the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life.  Seriously. So good. And I was given a free cider. Even better.


After lunch, Jake took me to the Hunger Mountain Coop to get some cheese, cider, and beer to bring home. Jake got a bunch of beer for his co-workers and i got some cider and cheese.


We left Montpelier and took a drive to Northfield where Jake used to live. On the way, we made a pit stop at Fresh Tracks winery. We did a tasting of all of their wines and they were all so good. They were so good that I had to buy a couple bottles. As I was checking out, the clerk told us that they were harvesting their grapes today and that we were free to try some off the vine. I walked out to tell Jake and he literally sprinted to the vines. It was one of the most amusing things I have ever seen. He was just like a little kid and it was adorable.

On our way back to Stowe, we stopped in at Cold Hollow Cider Mill to try some of their fresh pressed cider. The. Best. Cider. Ever. Seriously. It was so good.

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