Vermont Day One

Day One: Sunday October 1, 2017


Jake came home from around 12:30 and came to bed but neither of us could sleep so we ended up leaving the house around 1:30 am…about 2 hours before planned. But that was perfectly ok. Neither of us like to wait around for anything so just getting in the car and going was great. And there was no one on the road, which was even better. The ride, once the sun came up, was amazingly beautiful and reminded me how large the state of New York is! We were in no rush to get there so we made sure to enjoy the scenery and we took the ferry across Lake Champlain into Vermont. It was absolutely gorgeous. And really freaking cold.

After arriving in Charlotte, Vermont, we went up to Burlington for lunch. We stopped at AMerican Flatbread. OMG. So. Good. Being able to watch them cook your pizza in a gorgeous stone pizza oven is fantastic. There is just something about knowing how your food is cooked and watching it be cooked that makes it that much better. Jake and I got the New Vermont Sausage Pizza. It was made with “house-made nitrate-free maple-fennel sausage, made with fresh local pork, baked with sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions, mushrooms, cheese and fresh herbs.” Oh and the dough is made daily in house. One of the best pizzas I have ever eaten.


After lunch, we went to walk along Church Street. It was kinda like walking around in the Short North. Lots of cute little shops and restaurants. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the camera was in the car, so no pictures.


Around 3, we left Burlington and headed to Stowe, Vermont to check into our Hotel, the Northern Lights Lodge. It was really cute and peaceful. There was a nice river along the back of the property near our room that we could walk down to and relax with the sounds of nature.

For dinner, we went to Idle Thyme Brewing Co.. How do I describe this place? The decor was absolutely fantastic. It was so well done and really cool. The food needs so much work. And our service was kinda crappy too. The whole experience was just really lacking. Which really sucked. Jake was really excited to go there because he worked there when he was living in Vermont. According to him, it used to be so much more than it is today. But that is ok, we made up for it the rest of the week.


We went back to the hotel and basically passed out at like 8:00 pm. We were absolutely exhausted!

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